This Is Our Story

BY: Edward D. Hernandez

“Amparo Hernandez, she was ‘Dee’ to me. I treasure every moment we sat together on Sunday mornings. We looked up Scriptures and studied together during our Sunday School hour. She loved the Bible and touched me in such a way that I learned to love the Word of God even more. Dee became more than an acquaintance to me. She became my dearest friend. Reading the pre-published manuscript reinforced my reformed beliefs. This book shows just how much God loves us and is active in every part of our lives, as He draws us to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. My friend Dee had the ultimate desire to fulfill God’s expressed purpose in reaching others for the Savior. She never met a stranger.” –Mary Brown

“Amparo and Edward Hernandez’s lives are marvelous testimonies of the awesome power of God! Both Amparo and Ed faced severe physical, financial, and psychological trials early in their lives. Both were trapped in a world of violence and seemed destined to wind up as a news story, victims of more senseless. Yet God had other plans for them, starting with their conversions at a Billy Graham Crusade. Not only did God save the Hernandezes from their sins, but He would also protect them and guide them for the rest of their lives, making them useful servants in building God’s kingdom here in South Florida.” –Bill Kramer

“What a joy to honor an amazing and humble woman and her walk with God. Her courage and determination to overcome her life of trials and lead her children to believe in Christ could only have come through the strength of God, believing the promises in His Word. She passed those beliefs on to her family by word and by example. See you later, Dee. To God be the glory!” –Lou Randall


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